Tape Measure App

Tape Measure App

Measure length, size and area with Tape Measurement App


Features of Tape Measure App

Tape Measure App - Floor Area
Floor area measurement
Tape Measure App - Metric and imperial units
Metric and imperial units
Tape Measure App - Height Measurement
Upright heights

Measurement made easy

Tape Measure Camera Ruler allows to measure lengths, sizes, areas and heights with your iOS device. Forget about physical rulers and tape measures ! 

Length Measurement

This measurement mode replaces a classical ruler. It simply measures any lengths and operates on horizontal and vertical planes. You can have several measurements in the same scene.

Rectangular Area Measurement

This mode allows to measure rectangular areas along with its side lengths. It operates on horizontal and on vertical planes. You can have several of these measurements in the same scene.

Distance Measurement

This mode simply measures the distance from the camera to an object show by the camera. It operates on horizontal planes only.

Height Measurement

This measurement shows upright heights. It always measures relative to the detected floor plane. In contrary to length measurement it measures always parallel to gravity (or perpendicular to the floor plane).

Floor Area Measurement

Floor area measurement is the most sophisticated measurement mode. It allows to place markers in the corners of a room. When all markers are set polygon is closed and its area is shown along with the length of its edges.

Imperial and Metric Units

You can display every length and area measurement in imperial and metric units. This can be set in settings.

Reposition marker pins

Every marker pin of the last measurement can be re-positioned after it has been set. This can even be done when the measurement is already finished. It applies for length and area measurements.

Business Model

We offer a free 7 day testing period where you can test Dictate without any fees. If you don't cancel 24h before end of trial period free trial is automatically converted into a subscription.

Tape Measure App Target Applications

  • qxif-buildingArchitects can use it to estimate areas and lengths on building sites or house building in progress.
  • qxio-person-stalkerEstate agents use it mainly to measure floor areas of rooms and buildings.
  • qxio-wrenchConstruction people can use it measure any lengths and areas during their construction work.
  • qxio-ios-checkmarkEvery day measurement purposes for everybody, who has no ruler at hands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tape Measure App User Manual

General Operation & Handling

Edit button

Initialize Button

The "Initialize" button is the very beginning of every measurement. When you push it, ARKit is completely reset and all former measurements are removed. In certain situations it can be helpful to push it, e.g. when the app refuses to detect a plane to measure on. You can push it at any time.

After ARKit is initialised you need to scan a plane. This is done by slowly moving your device to directing it to floor or wall plane you want to measure on.

Once a  plane is detected it will be rendered as red, yellow or green dots in the plane. If the dots get green you are ready to measure and the "+" button will appear.

Please note that the more area you scan the more accurate your later measurements will be !

Edit button

Add Marker Pin ('+') Button

This is the central button to add pin markers at the corners of your measurement object. The "+" button is hidden in situations where its use makes no sense, e.g. when no initial plane is detected, where you could place measurements on.


Done Button

The Done button occurs on the right of the "+" button in order to close a measurement area. After your last pin marker has been set with the "+" button you can connect the first with the last pin marker to close the polygon. You only need it on floor area measurement mode.

Edit button

Remove Excess Planes Button

Sometime the device detects more than one plane at a time. These "excess" planes are shown in red dots and must be removed by the user. You can not have measurements on more than one plane. When you push this button the "excess" planes are removed, so that measurements make sense again on the remaining plane.

Edit button

Move Marker Pins

For the last measurement it is possible to catch the marker pins and to reposition them. Just direct the cross hairs in the camera view to a pin and once you have it in focus the "+" button will turn into the "Move" button. You then can select the marker and move it to a different position. This is only possible for the last measurement made.

Menu Functions of the Main Screen

These buttons are located in the top of the screen and present the most important actions to control the app behaviour.
Select Measurement Mode

Select Measurement Mode

Press this button to select between measurement modes. A popup will show the available options. Please find more explanation on the different modes below.

Help Button


Help button display some basic video tutorials and a link to this online documentation.


Press Setup to open the app configuration screen. There you can select the measurement units and the sound feedback. For further details please refer to setup screen description below.

Select Plane Orientation

This button allows to switch between plane orientation horizontal or vertical. You have to set it into the right orientation, i.e. floor plane measurements are not possible in vertical orientation (of course).

Upgrade Button


This button opens the upgrade screen. Here you perform your In-App purchases or recover your previously made purchases (for free). 

Available Measurement Modes

These modes are contained in a popup menu, when you press the top left menu button. They allow to select the different measurement modes. Their availability depends on the current plane orientation (hor./vert.) that is selected by the user.
Edit button


The Ruler mode allows length measurements. You can have more than one measurement in one scene. Ruler is available in vertical and horizontal plane orientation.

Rectangular Area

The Rectangular Area mode allows area measurements of rectangular areas. The area is defined with 3 marker pins each sitting on a corner of the object. You can have more than one measurement in one scene. Rectangular Area is available in vertical and horizontal plane orientation.


The Distance mode measures the distance from the camera to the point shown in cross hairs camera focus. It just serves as a handy distance measurement tool. You can lock your measurement by pressing the '+' button, e.g. if you want to catch a screenshot of the scene. There is only one measurement at a time in this mode.

Help Button

Upright Heights

Upright heights are always measured from the floor plane. That is the reason why you have to scan the horizontal floor plane before making any height measurements. Once you have a valid floor plane detected you press "+" to set the lower pin marker and then "+" to set the upper pin marker. These markers can be moved after the measurement is finished and you can have only one height measurement at a time.

Upgrade Button

Floor/Room Area

Floor Area mode offers area and length measurements of polygon areas. It is well suited to measure floor areas of rooms in buildings. Start putting pin markers in the first corner and then set one marker in each subsequent corner. When you are finished press the "Done" button to close the polygon. Please have a look into our video above to see how it works in real life. Each pin can be moved after the measurement If needed. You can have multiple measurements in one scene.

Special Function Buttons

These buttons occur on the bottom left of the display. They are context sensitive and are not available all the time.
Edit button

Torch Mode on/off

In low light conditions you can switch on your flash light and use it to enhance the lighting conditions of the scene. Default is off.

Save Screenshot

Pressing this button just saves a screenshot of the current scene in to your photo roll.

Remove last point or measurement

If a measurement is under progress, this button will erase the last point set.

If a completed measurement is available, it will erase it as a whole.

Help Button

Corner helpers on/off

In some situations you want to put a marker pin in a corner that is not entirely visible. In these cases please switch on the corner helpers. They will indicate edges which can help you to better estimate the exact position of the invisible position.

Upgrade Button

Loupe Magnification on/off

This button toggles the magnification function of the cross hairs loupe. Please note that on older devices it can be beneficial to switch it off due to its resource demands. Switching it off also improves readability of labels in the scene. You can toggle it at any time.

Functions on the Setup Screen

Select unit system

You can switch between metric an imperial units here. The settings applies for all subsequent measurements.

Audio Beep on/off

You can toggle the audio feedback on pin marker placements here.

Functions on the Upgrade Screen

Purchase Section

In the upper area you can can purchase the Pro upgrade. If you are already on Pro a checkmark is shown instead of pricing.

We offer a free 7 day testing period where you can test Dictate without any fees. If you don't cancel 24h before end of trial period free trial is automatically converted into a subscription.

Restore Purchases Link

If you are not on Pro you find a link to restore your purchase below the pricing information. Press this button if you want to restore a previously made purchase. You need this feature if in case of reinstall or device change your license is not correctly transferred.

All restore actions are for free, because you already have payed for them.

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