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Dictate App for Android

Our famous Dictate App is now available for Android. Download it here !
Dictate - Speech to Text
Dictate App
Dictate simplifies your life. It allows to dictate text messages on your iPhone or iPad instead of typing. It uses latest speech to text voice recognition technology. Never again type any text, just speak it and save lots of time.
Get Dictate on Google Play
Tape Measure App
Tape Measure App
Measure the floor area of rooms or dimensions like height, length, size, rectangular areas and distances with our Tape Measure app. Tape Measure App overlays the camera image with virtual 3D measurements.
Voice Translator
Voice Translator App
Voice Translator is an iOS app that allows to speak text and translate it into any other language. Just speak into the device and let it speak the translation. This allows  conversation in more than 40 languages.
Car Dash Camera
Car Dash Camera App
Car Dash Camera is an accident camera which records the traffic situation continuously in a loop. When it detects a high acceleration, be it an accident, it stores the last minute video.
Action Camera
Action Camera App
Action Camera is an iOS app that allows to render GPS telemetry data, such as speed, location, pitch, heading, distance, time, date, etc. directly into your video while it is recorded with your devices' camera.
Traffic Sign Camera
Traffic Sign Camera App
Traffic Sign Camera detects road signs using the camera while driving. It displays your current speed along with the last detected speed limit. Currently it recognizes European speed limit signs.
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